Vajrai Waterfalls

One of the most hidden but majestic waterfalls in Maharashtra, Vajrai is a 853ft, 3- tier waterfall. Local legends cite that Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami, one of the famous saints in Maharashtra; reached the top of this mountain in just 3 steps and hence the waterfalls flows in 3- tiers. This tall water fall is also the source of Urmodi river and its dam. Only a few trekkers have been able to discover this beautiful waterfall.

Where is it located?: Bhambavli Village, 27kms from Satara

How long does it take to reach by bus?: 3 hours

How long is the trek?: 1 to 1.5 hours one way to reach the top

How difficult is the trek?: Easy

By road, you reach Satara via Khed Shivapur and further ahead- the famous Kaas Valley. Vajrai is 5kms from Kaas Valley.

This is a completely unexplored trek hence guide is required for solo or first time trekkers. You will easily get a local guide at the base village at Vajrai.

What’s the best season to visit? : Monsoons, although the waterfall is perennial.

What do you need to carry? : Water (at least 3l), Shoes, Full clothes (since there are a lot of leeches), a change of clothes.

Trek suggestions:

  • Hire a guide if you are first time trekkers
  • This place has a lot of leeches, wear full clothes. Carry salt or tobacco.

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What all do we, at Trekfit, provide you with?

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