“Devkund”- as the name suggests is a holy pool of water formed by the confluence of 3 waterfalls falling on rocks beneath. Located in the village of Bhira, Raigad; this beautiful waterfall is said to be the origin of the Kundalika River.


Where is it? :  Bhira village, district Raigad (110 kms from Pune)

How long does it take to reach? : 4 hours by road

How long does it take to complete the trek?  : 2 hours, each way.

How hard is the trek? : Easy

What’s the best season to visit? : Winters.  The trek is usually closed from July to Sept to avoid drowning incidents.

At an altitude of 2100ft, this sparkling waterfall stands out from the rest owing to its unexplored nature but relatively easy two-way trek. Along the entire journey, sign boards are well distributed throughout. Usually a one day trek, you can also camp alongside the Bhira Dam reservoir.

As you walk down the streams and patches of green, you can find small huts and tea stalls. On reaching the magnificent fall, you may find a demarcation as to which point you can swim up to. Make sure you follow the instructions given by your guide to avoid fatal incidents.

What do you need to carry? : Water (at least 3l), dry snacks to have on your way at the trek, shoes, full clothes, a change of clothes.

Trek suggestions:

  • Carry a BSNL sim card, network issues prevail in this area
  • Carry white ribbons to mark the trail for the rest of your group to avoid losing your way

Trekfit Adventures can help you organize this trek for a group of 10 members or more.                                               

What all do we, at Trekfit, provide you with? :

  •  Private bus Travel
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • First aid
  • Devkund Entry fee
  • Tour local guide
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