Alighted at a height of 2100ft above sea level, Peb Fort is located on the scenic hill station of Matheran. Named after Pebi Devi, this trek is also called “Vikatgad” owing to the nature of the topmost peak which is shaped like an elephant head- signifying Lord Ganesha. Historical findings suggest this fort was used to store grains during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj.


Where is it? :  Matheran region (3-4 kms from Neral)

How long does it take to reach? : 3 hours by road

How long does it take to complete the trek?  : 6 to 7 hours

How hard is the trek? : Moderate


By road, the journey starts from Pune, continuing to Lonavla. On taking the Khopoli Exit, you reach the Neral Railway station. Take a right from the main entrance at the pillar of Matheran. Further 1km ahead, look out for a police station on the right. Watch out for a small left, and continue till you reach the last house. This house can help you with lunch.

This two- way trek to Vikatgad takes 3 hours to reach the top. To avoid confusion, it is suggested that you hire a guide from the base village. The steep incline, sparkling waterfalls and rock patches along with continuous drizzling makes Vikatgad  one of the many thrilling treks in Maharashtra.


What’s the best season to visit? : Monsoons- Best season to enjoy the view, Summers/Winters- Night treks

What do you need to carry? : Water (at least 3l), dry snacks to have on your way at the trek, shoes, full clothes, a change of clothes.

Trek suggestions:

  • Hire a guide
  • Carry water and snacks
  • Follow the electric poles and yellow arrows for directions

Trekfit Adventures can help you organize this trek for a group of 10 members or more.               

What all do we, at Trekfit, provide you with?

  • Private bus Travel
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • First aid
  • Expertise
  • Photo session
  • Fun games during the trek.
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